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Land Title Services, Inc.
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Complete Title and Closing Services Since 1981

When buying a home even the most diligent search of public records could fail to disclose potential problems with your title. Some of the problems that can occur include forgeries, improper transfers of title, fraudulent impersonations, undisclosed heirs, incorrect marital status, clerical errors, and defective deeds.

These problems can be described as hidden hazards. Title insurance gives you protection from loss from these hidden hazards that could result in a claim against your ownership of your property.

Land Title Services prides itself on providing its clients with professional, prompt, and accurate title and escrow services. There is nothing more important in our business than our customer's satisfaction.

For all of your Saline County property, title, and sale closing needs, trust Land Title Services, Inc.

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"We've sold and purchased new homes in Salina a few times since moving here and each time we obtained title insurance from and closed our transactions at Land Title Services. It's hard to imagine a more friendly, informative, and professional title company than Land Title. They made it easy and safe for us. We highly recommend them." - Brian Richarson, Salina, Kansas